April 4, 2019


Flexographic Press


Rocky Mountain Label and Packaging offers top quality Flexographic printed labels!  Flexographic label printing is a popular method for printing large orders of custom labels at rapid speeds by transferring ink onto the paper or film material using flexible plates mounted on fast-rotating cylinders.  Each plate has thousands of tiny bubbles to hold ink and apply it uniformly.  The press then uses the four-color process (CMYK) or spot colors to apply each color and create the image on the label as the paper is pressed against each plate

Web-fed materials are materials being continuously fed into the flexographic press from large rolls of raw material stock.  Using material rolls instead of individual sheets allows us to quickly print large orders and then cut the material to the desired final product at a separate station. Flexographic printing is significantly faster than digital, making large runs of labels more cost-effective to print on flexo presses.

Printing plates are thin sheets of polymer material, laser engraved with an image of your digital artwork. These plates are wrapped around cylinders and installed on the press where they’re coated with ink that then are transferred onto the web-fed material; each color being printed requires its own plate.

Flexographic Color Plate Printing Process

After your label is printed, the next step is to cut them to the desired final shape.  Cutting dies are metallic cylinders with shallow blades on the surface that slice the label shape into the material so excess material around the labels can be removed. We have hundreds of cutting dies and can create a custom cutting die for you (a one-time fee applies) and do everything we can to ensure the right die is paired with your material and liner.

Flexographic printing generally maintains an exceptionally high quality of print.  It is ideal for larger runs of 10,000+ because per label costs are lower for higher quantities. 

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